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New Launch: 2011 October 5, 2100 UTC
Site: Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan
Launcher: Zenit 3SLB
International Designator(s): 2011-056A
SSC Name Owner

"A Russian-Ukrainian Zenit-3SLB rocket on Oct. 6 successfully placed the Intelsat 18 telecommunications satellite into orbit from Russia's Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in the second commercial flight operated by Sea Launch AG in 12 days, Sea Launch and Intelsat announced.

"The Zenit-3SLB rocket, which is nearly identical to the vehicle Sea Launch operates more often from a floating platform in the Pacific Ocean, deployed the 3,200-kilogram Intelsat 18 some six and one-half hours after liftoff following three burns of the rocket's Block DM upper stage. The rocket's liftoff marked the fifth mission for Sea Launch's land-based program, called Land Launch.

"Luxembourg- and Washington-based Intelsat said the launch performance should permit Intelsat 18 to operate for 17 years.

"Built by Orbital Sciences Corp. of Dulles, Va., Intelsat 18 will replace the Intelsat 701 spacecraft at 180 degrees west in geostationary orbit. Intelsat 18 carries 24 C-band transponders—16 with 72 megahertz of power and eight at 36 megahertz—and 12 72-megahertz Ku-band transponders.

"Intelsat 18 has a coverage area centered over the Pacific Ocean to enable direct-broadcast television and other telecommunications services to customers from Southeast Asia to the western United States. French Polynesia's postal and telecommunications department, which has been an Intelsat 701 customer, will be among those transferring to Intelsat 18, Intelsat said."

[Note: This launch notification was delayed pending identification by USSTRATCOM.]

Source:, "New US Communications Satellite Reaches Orbit"

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