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STK Summer updates are here - Newest STK release available

By: Novarah Kazmi

The latest and greatest release of Systems Tool Kit is at your fingertips. STK 11.4.1 is now available for download! This maintenance release was brought about by user input and request. We’ve listened and we’ve delivered. This version of STK offers the following faster more precise Test and Evaluation (T&E) Tool Kit 1.4, improved automation and authentication with the STK Data Federate (SDF) 3.0, and a newly polished SOLIS 11.4.1. 

Test and Evaluation (T&E) Tool Kit 1.4  

Built for aircraft flight test and evaluations, T&E Toolkit has some new tricks up its sleeve. Used in the entire mission timeline from test planning, mission briefings, to post-test analysis, T& E allows you to build and validate your flights and get real-time test assessments. In T&E 1.4 you now have the following capabilities:   

  • New methods QuickEvaluateArray, QuickEvaluateWithRateArray, QuickEvaluateEventArray and QuickEvaluateWithRateEventArray have been added to IAgCrdnCalcScalar to allow scalar calculation components to be evaluated over an array of times. 
  • Improved the calculation of acceleration within the Flight Dynamic State object for improved accuracy.  The Optimize For Speed option on the Mission where the Flight Dyn State object is used under the hood to speed up STK Analysis features may show improved accuracy for STK analysis features making use of aircraft acceleration.
  • The 3D Prop Nav Guidance strategy now captures the control time constant effect where smaller time constants result in a more rapid load factor response (the standard exponential relationship where 88% of maxG is achieved at one time constant, 95% after two time constants, 99+% after three time constants, etc.

STK Data Federate (SDF) 3.0  

The SDF was created to give STK users a collaborative environment that is scalable, open, and most importantly secure. The SDF is where you can save, load, and share missions you have created with your team. This release of the SDF incorporates the single sign-on capability that allows STK users to access, either via the UI or Connect, their private database using their existing network credentials. Additionally, the list of Connect Commands has been expanded to allow for the configuration of the STK Enterprise Data server outside of the UI.  

SOLIS 11.4.1 

Solis 11.4.1 is a polished version of the same capable, versatile COTS Spacecraft Simulation and Analysis System tool with a few new features and maintenance fixes.  

  • Autosave capability for target planner summary report to a CSV. A useful capability when running the Target Planner via Automation.
  • Tracking modes now support three additional pointing Reference objects (InertialVector, CBOrbitNormal, and SCOrbitNormal)
  • Tracking modes now support rotation about their tracking vectors.

Read through our full list of New Features or Corrected Issues for this release! 

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Posted: 8/27/2018 6:16:09 PM