Classified Support I could Tell You...

By: Kathryn Lane

...but then I’d have to you kill you.

This classic cliché has been said in countless movies and more over by anyone not wanting to spill the beans in a conversation. For the thousands of government and civilian contractors working in the Intelligence Community, this is everyday life. There are aspects of their jobs that they cannot share with anyone that has not been given “need to know”. This guidance of secrecy and protective nature of classified information can be a huge limitation when working on complex analytical modeling and simulation, and you need outside help to move forward. Determining how best to accurately model a scenario in STK can be nearly impossible when you can’t share what you are working on.

Since our inception, AGI has been committed to supporting all our users on classified networks. Recently, we have improved this support to bring aspects of the unclassified user experience to our classified users on TS/SCI networks. We have a Support email alias and phone number where users can talk to cleared engineers about their questions. Our cleared engineers are available during the same business hours (7am-7pm Eastern) to walk through any modeling scenarios and technical issues users are experiencing.

We are offering live virtual trainings on the high side. We have our cleared headquarter and field Engineers teaching 2-3 hour classes once a month on specific topic areas. Recently, we hosted an STK Fundamentals course that introduces new users to the foundational capabilities within STK. The content was similar to our unclassified public trainings, but with an emphasis on unique user experiences that occur when working on classified networks.

Every day, AGI is growing and improving our support to our classified users. If you want to learn more, please contact our unclassified support team at, and they will get you connected to our classified resources. I could say more here, but… well... you know. ;)

Posted: 2/19/2018 7:00:00 AM