MÄK, a company of VT Systems Inc., develops software to link, simulate, and visualize the virtual world. MÄK creates tools and toolkits for distributed simulation. MÄK is the maker VR-Link, the leading toolkit for simulation networking via the DIS and HLA protocols. VR-Link is the basis for D-SIM, AGI’s DIS and HLA interface for STK. MÄK’s toolkits also include VR-Forces, a CGF toolkit for creating simulations, and VR-Vantage a toolkit for 3D simulation visualization. MÄK’s other tools include the MÄK RTI, VR-Exchange, MÄK Data Logger, and MÄK PVD.

Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) has developed the Distributed Simulation (DSim) Extension for STK. DSim uses MÄK’s VR-Link® toolkit to make an IEEE-compliant DIS and HLA interface for STK.

Using space-based platforms as a tactical high ground for planning and conducting military, civil, and commercial operations has changed the virtual landscape for the modeling and simulation community. AGI’s Distributed Simulation technology supports the need to model the space component while providing mission critical analysis for all entities in an M&S environment.

DSim integrates M&S tools with AGI technology’s high-fidelity modeling and analysis capabilities. The interface allows users to model land, sea, air, space, and missile platforms for incorporation into M&S, training, and wargaming tools, while offering the ability to port M&S data feeds into STK for analyses including:
• Line-of-sight access between objects
• Communications links
• Sensor coverage with terrain, weather, lighting, and body obscuration constraints
• Navigation accuracy and jammer modeling
• Enhanced situational awareness of thousands of object tracks