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Independent of your problem, these STK modules are designed to accelerate your analysis and refine your results for any system – providing the ability to evaluate performance metrics over custom regions, integrate with third-party tools and programs, perform parametric analysis, and scale your calculations.

Key Features

  • Define and create new vectors and coordinate systems
  • Create custom calculations without scripting
  • Employ custom time intervals based on multiple operations
  • Create trigger events
  • Perform volumetric analysis
  • Automate STK with “Connect” commands
  • Interface other software tools with STK
  • Create “batch” calculations within STK
  • MATLAB integration
  • GIS integration
  • DIS and HLA compliant
  • Interface for real-time data feeds

See how STK and its optional modules are used in a variety of land, sea, air, and space applications

Technical Details

Once you have STK installed, evaluation licenses to most modules or extensions are available at any time, either through the registration process or by request.

How it is applied

Check out some of the land, sea, air and space applications and customers that use our technology.

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