Unmatched results, no risk, cost-effective

Using AGI commercial technology as the foundation for mission-critical solutions yields unmatched results at a fraction of the cost and risk.


Enhancing Efficiency with Commercial Software

The Sept. 14, 2010, memorandum, "Betting Buying Power: Guidance for Obtaining Greater Efficiency and Productivity in Defense Spending," issued by Ashton Carter, U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (ATL), includes specific guidance for "doing more without more." It is well-recognized that, where commercially available software meets a program need, it is significantly less costly than custom-built and maintained code. Furthermore, the Defense Science Board noted that the maintenance cost for commercial software can be as much as 10 times lower than that for free and open source (FOS) software.


Saves Money

Using a widely accepted cost assessment tool, COCOMO (Constructive Cost Model), AGI conducted a comparison of three software development alternatives for a hypothetical project:

  1. Custom development 
  2. "Freeware" integration 
  3. AGI software integration 

Based on nominal settings for the custom development and "freeware" cases, and worst-case licensing assumptions for AGI software, the analysis found the integration of AGI software to be the lowest-cost and lowest-risk approach.


Accelerates Time To Market

A 2008 study by Frost & Sullivan found that customers using AGI software accelerated their time to market for developmental efforts by as much as four times compared to other options, which included developing software in-house, using government-built software and purchasing other commercial products. AGI software was also linked to substantial increases in productivity (up to 69.8x), and in one case nearly eliminated design costs for a project. In most instances, the software paid for itself within weeks of becoming operational.


Increases User Productivity

According to the majority of Frost & Sullivan interview subjects, increased productivity attributed to AGI's software was a contributing factor in the success of their businesses and/or missions. Productivity increases led to internal cost and time savings on projects, faster contract turnaround and avoidance of technical computational errors. All factors helped increase profitability and brought repeat business. A number of the benefits that customers experienced were attributable to the off-the-shelf nature of AGI software. Much of the cost savings came from reduced design and development cycles and reductions in ongoing costs for operational systems.