Satellite Properties

Satellite Orbits

The Orbit page of a satellite's Basic properties provides a complete interface for defining satellite orbits and editing the properties of previously defined orbits, including those created with the STK Orbit Wizard. Satellite orbit properties include:

Time Parameters

For most propagators, the Orbit page includes fields that let you specify some or all of the following time parameters:

Parameter Description
Start and Stop Times Define the satellite's time period.
Step Size The interval between calculated ephemeris output points.
Orbit Epoch The time at which the established orbital elements are true.
Coordinate Epoch The epoch of the coordinate system (disabled for coordinate systems with pre-established epochs (e.g. J2000, B1950)


STK offers a variety of analytic and numerical orbit propagators, some of which are available only with specific licenses. Follow one of the links below to learn how to configure a specific propagator and any applicable force models:

Coordinate Type (Orbital Elements)

STK supports several different coordinate types (sets of orbital elements). Follow one of the links below to learn about a specific coordinate type.

Coordinate System

STK makes available a number of coordinate systems to which orbital elements can be referenced.

Note: Some coordinate systems require special licenses.

Initial State Tool

The Initial State tool, available with most propagators, lets you change the initial state of a satellite by reading an ephemeris from a file, or move the epoch of the initial state using a satellite's propagated ephemeris.