Airspace Analysis

Check airspace confliction with single point position queries as well as waypoint driven flight paths, ideal for unmanned activities!

Cesium Visualization

Generate CZML to display the analysis in Cesium, the premier open source, web based visualization platform.


Compute link budget analysis between any two objects over time by defining transmit/receiver equipment properties while considering interference.


Calculate inter-visibility between sensors on aircrafts and satellites as well as satellite passes over locations.


Provides times for sunrise, sunset and varying twilight conditions.


Compute GPS navigation errors and dilution of precision over points, lines and polygons.


Returns terrain and ellipsoid heights at a specific location, measured in meters.


Model satellite and aircraft routes using industry standard propagators.


Evaluate satellite and aircraft overflight using predefined platforms from a catalog as well as custom configured platform.


Produces population counts and densities for the world, when you specify either a single location, or a point to point route.


These demonstrations visualize a few of the capabilities available in the Analytical Services.

Airspace Services

Airspace services are being used natively in the AGI Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) application. Register/Login to see how Airspace information services are being used to alert UAS operators about potential airspace risks and concerns when planning flight operations.

Communication Services

The Communication System Link Budgets service allows you to set up a transmitter, receiver and any number of interference sources (jammers) each along any path supported by these services, and receive link budget information for the receiver by time.

Satellite Pass and Overflight Services

View any satellite's orbit over time View a list of countries a satellite flies over, with entry and exit times See when select satellites are within view of your location You control light/dark constraints for your location and the satellite See the pass visualized in Cesium.

GPS Services

Perform navigation accuracy calculations over a wide-range of options Sites Routes Search Patterns View today's maximum navigation accuracy over the entire world View today's current navigation accuracy using an animated heat map View all current GPS satellites, including their block type and current health status

SpaceBook® Satellite Viewer

COMSPOCâ„¢-generated data products are made accessible via SpaceBook®, a SOA-based data and analysis service. This reference demonstration allows users to filter through thousands of resident space objects (RSOs) by owner, mission, orbit and other parameters to quickly view a picture of what is going on in space.


Learn about Analytical Services and the types of functionality they provide. Get an overview of how to use the documentation that is provided to consume the services.