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What do the users want? Let us know!

By: jpoley
AGI is refining areas of our website to improve the user experience such as regrouping resources to make them easier to navigate and to determine starting points. At the same time, we would like to create an online community to encourage user interaction and engagement. All of the “official” resources (i.e. software downloads and documentation) would remain on We’re hoping the community would flourish with ‘how to’s and tricks of the trade from users across the globe. We would like some feedback on the type of community you prefer: Option # 1 would be an AGI-run community with the same web login as Some of you might already be familiar with the AGI Developer Network (ADN). As we rework the resources, much of what is on the ADN is being replaced by upcoming sections of This option would be a redo of the ADN to make it more interactive than just forums. Option # 2 is a user-run community with a different login. Currently, our systems engineers use a system like this to communicate internally. Click here for a screen snap. It is a richer user experience that allows exchange of videos, blogs, polls, online chat and forums. Please tell us what you prefer in the comments.
Posted: 4/6/2011 8:11:17 PM