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New AGI videos from National Space Symposium 2012

By: agrow
If you were at the National Space Symposium in COS recently, you probably:
  1.  Saw our brand new booth that features a huge screen playing some AGI videos and demos and
  2. Are still recovering? (If so, we understand. Did you come to our Monte Carlo Night reception? What a great party!) and
  3. Have a bellyache from the ice cream we were dishing out in our booth! Brownie a la mode – yum!
For those who didn’t get to NSS or want to see the new videos again, here they are! Feel free to share them with your colleagues! Tour AGI's new booth at NSS 2012 and watch a demo of the new timeline tool in STK 10
AGI systems engineer Jeff Baxter demonstrates how to model all active GPS satellites in STK
Posted: 4/29/2012 2:14:04 PM