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STK SimMetrics brings real-time navigation and sensor analysis to your simulations

By: slynch
We are pleased to announce the release of STK SimMetrics, a new desktop application that increases distributed simulation fidelity by more accurately modeling GNSS and simulating GPS receivers and sensors' cameras. So what can you do with a more realistic battlefield simulation?
  • Evaluate dilution of precision, navigation accuracy and predicted position
  • Assess tracking information for blue force location data
  • Compute sensor access and detections
  • Create realistic fog of war
STK SimMetrics’ accurate modeling enhances decision making, helping users avoid critical and costly mistakes. If you are a developer or end user (trainee, mission planner and engineer) of military simulation and virtual training environments, check out the following resources and then try it for yourself! Video Webinar Developer Blog
Posted: 4/23/2012 6:27:00 PM