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STK 10.0.1 now available

By: kamaroso
You asked, and we listened! Download STK 10.0.1 (no need to uninstall first) now for significant usability enhancements, bug fixes and Analysis Workbench updates. Please note that you must install this release for continued access to Bing Maps imagery and Bing geocoding services in STK, as the license key has changed. Here’s what else you can expect from this release:
  • Enhancements to Analysis Workbench (AWB) including:
    • Import/export feature to share AWB components between scenarios
    • Create a time instance from a report
    • Use time components to define vector display times
    • New time component option: sensor disk obscuration interval collection
    • Prioritize multiple time components to color vehicle orbit or ground tracks
  • STK now works better with onboard video chipsets, especially Intel HD, Intel HD 3000 and Intel HD 4000 chipsets
  • Access animation graphics now follow the on/off state of the access objects. If an object’s graphics are hidden, the access graphics for that object are also hidden
  • TIREM RF Propagation Model – you can now specify a terrain sample resolution to accommodate both long and short-range access calculations.
Click here to read the release notes.
Posted: 4/10/2013 7:53:30 PM