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STK and Activity-Based Intelligence

By: sclaypoole
There is an exciting revolution in the intelligence community known as Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI). According to Jeff DeTroye, chair of the USGIF ABI Working Group and vice president of special programs at AGI, "ABI will be able to collect and process data from a very wide area (physical or cyberspace), detect patterns of activities or transactions that were not being specifically looked for, determine if they are of interest, if necessary quickly bring additional collection assets to the problem to gather more data and then provide recommendations to the decision processes for action - all on timescales dramatically shorter than what could be achieved just a few years ago." Adds Dr. Peter Aves, AGI business development director, "AGI software can aid the implementation of ABI through its graphics-rich interface that depicts, analyzes and collates very large temporal and geospatially located, multi-domain datasets. This means that data from a sensor (radar, imagery, HUM-INT) from any domain (land, sea, air, space) can be depicted and collated, with its associated or computed error bounds, in the AGI software framework for exploitation and further analysis." Also, check out a new case study that describes how integrating STK Engine with HyperStar by Suritec (an AGI business partner) helped them deliver a flexible, multi-INT solution that enables nodal and geospatial pattern analysis of vehicular and personnel entities of interest. Suritec saved approximately $700k in resources and months of development time by using STK Engine, and the integrated system is being presented to international governments for marine and insurgent ABI analysis.
Posted: 4/25/2013 1:22:43 PM