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Enabling customer success for 20 years

By: Scott L
When I joined AGI in 1993 (and with a bit more hair than I have now), I had no real appreciation for what a great ride AGI would afford me over the next 20 years. Since I was employee #7, you can imagine that, at the time, everyone at AGI had multiple roles and responsibilities (and yes, we all took turns cleaning the coffee pot). Why stay with a company for 20 years when the average tenure within the U.S. is anywhere between 3-4 years? Sure, there are fabulous perks (free food, gym, laundry, etc.) and an incredible product and team, but for me, the best part of working at AGI has been the job diversity and the exposure that I’ve had with the customers that I’ve supported and interacted with over the years. For instance, in one day I could be fielding questions about EOIR sensor models, communications modeling in an urban environment, aircraft flight performance models, wind turbine effects on air defense radars and even how our products might help an aerospace engineer design a mission to orbit Mars. In one day, I could assist literally a dozen customers and potential customers on how our products and capabilities could help solve their real-world problems—faster, cheaper and often with more capability and less risk. Those in the aerospace, defense and intelligence market might work on a half a dozen major programs throughout their entire career, where my experience at AGI provides great job diversity and challenges that may be hard to find anywhere else in the world. Some examples of solutions that I had a direct affect coaching customers on implementation plans for include: Every day is a learning experience as you don’t know what questions will come your way and how customers will want to push the uses of the AGI family of products. Who knows, tomorrow I may be working with a customer on how our products support mobile-ad-hoc networking (which we do)? This is why working for AGI is not a humdrum clock-in, clock-out type of company. Speaking of humdrum industries – watch this spoof video that AGI put together a few years ago … it's classic AGI and truly encapsulates our sense of fun and why it has retained such great talent over the years.
Posted: 4/22/2014 3:19:24 PM