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Defense Seminar

By: Melissa Honaker
Traditionally we have focused heavily on the Space markets in Japan and Korea, but as you may know (maybe the name change from Satellite Tool Kit to Systems Tool Kit gave you a hint?) AGI’s technology supports a much broader set of capabilities. Next week we hit the road for a tour of our brand new Defense Seminar to showcase our software’s use for Defense Operations and Engineering Defense Systems. Please find the agenda below and join us at the seminar! AGENDA
  • Greeting from AGI
  • Introductions
  • Defense Operations
    • Simulating assets in the context of the mission environment
    • Pre-mission planning
    • Real-time operations
    • Post-mission analysis (STK & Cesium)
  • Engineering Defense System
    • System design
    • Performing trade studies on systems operations to optimize performance
    • Hardware In the Loop simulation (RT Logic integration demo)
    • Model Based Systems Engineering
    • Test and Evaluation
  • Q&A Wrap Up

Tokyo Defense Seminar | 21 April 2015 | 1-5pm | Register HERE

Daejeon Defense Seminar | 23 April 2015 |10am -3pm| Email to register and get full details

Defense Seminar
Posted: 4/13/2015 2:28:15 PM