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The Two New STK 11.0.1 Training Exercises

By: Craig Wooters
We have two exciting new exercises we just added to our Start training for STK 11.0.1.
  • How to Build a Volumetric Object
  • Create an AzEl Mask from Images
The How to Build a Volumetric Object teaches you how to…well…build a Volumetric object using STK. You start by setting up your area of operations, adding terrain, adding area targets, placing objects, and building sensors. Then you get into the important part of the lesson, setting up and computing a Volumetric object. By the end, you should have a visual representation of what your sensor can “see” in the face of terrain.



The new Create an AzEl Mask from Images exercise uses the AzEl Mask tool to restrict visibility of a sensor to see if there are buildings blocking the view of the sensor. Maybe there is a tall building across from the location you want to place a camera and you need to figure out how that building will impact your camera’s visibility.










Take a few moments and explore the new exercises and take your STK knowledge to the next level.

Posted: 4/4/2016 7:14:36 AM