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Spring Training Classes

By: Shannon Lance

We are happy to announce our upcoming STK spring training schedule, both in the classroom and virtually covering a variety of topics including basic and advanced STK skills like EOIR, Astrogator, movie-making, and STK Integration (Matlab, Python, Excel, C#, Java and STK Engine).

Whether you are new to STK or a seasoned pro, we have a training class (or two or three) for you! Our evolving training schedule is on or you can download a printed copy here to hang in your office as a reminder.

In the spring we are offering our regularly scheduled L1 & L2: Comprehensive classes at a variety of locations and dates. You can join us in the classroom for 3 days of instructor-led training going over the basics of STK as well as STK’s advanced modules. When you are finished, you are prepared to take the STK Level 2 Certification! In addition, we are hosting two STK Astrogator classroom trainings to go more in-depth with this popular and powerful product.

If you cannot join us in the classroom, we have several virtual training options for you, ranging from one to three hours a class. An instructor teaches you as engineers answer your questions live! We are offering another L1: Virtual STK Fundamentals Training, an EOIR virtual training, and we have two new virtual training series starting next week, April 19th! We are very excited about these and think they will be of high interest to STK users! Feel free to join us for the entire series or just the individual training of interest to you.

  • STK Movie Making Virtual Training Series Our STK Movie Making Virtual Training Series begins April 19th. There are three classes, one hour each, teaching you how to set up the scenario’s visual properties, how to create camera paths, and how to script a movie. All of these are taught by our in-house movie-making expert! This is a very powerful skill to learn, so don’t miss out.
  • STK Integration Virtual Training Series “May the 4th be with you!” Join us for the first installment of the STK Integration series. This series starts with integrating STK with MATLAB, then moves on to integrating STK with Python and Excel. It concludes with learning how to create plugins and Engine applications with C# and Java. We are bringing the SMEs out for this one, so surely try not to miss this series!

And as always, if you cannot join us for a training, check out our training material in the STK Help where you get step-by-step lessons along with instructor-led videos!

So register today, and we hope to meet you in a class soon!

Posted: 4/13/2017 1:19:53 PM