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ODTK 6.5.2 is ready for you!

By: Deb Sauerwald

This new release of ODTK is chock full of features that users will love, including:

Improved DPI Awareness

ODTK now detects when a high-resolution monitor is being used and properly resizes user interface components so that they are more readable.

Reporting and Graphing

Love generating those ODTK reports and graphs, but hate how it floods the Message Viewer? Now you can stop those pesky messages with the new "quiet" mode feature located on the Edit->Preferences menu.

  • New atmosphere density models were added for doing orbit determination around the Earth (DTM 2012) and around Mars (MarsGRAM 2005 and 2010).
  • Martian moons were added as third body perturbations.
  • New drag and solar radiation pressure models were added that allow the use of a file based look-up table as a function of time or argument of latitude.
  • New support for using VNC and VVLH frames when specifying maneuvers. This will make it easier to sync up maneuvers planned in Astrogator with the equivalent model in ODTK.
  • The ionosphere model was upgraded to the IRI2016 model.

The filter can now automatically drop finite maneuvers from the state spaceFilter.


We've added the ability to simulate DOR (Differential One-way Ranging) measurements to the simulator. These can then be used to produce Delta-DOR measurements for deep space tracking analysis.

New Tutorials

Check out these new ODTK tutorials:


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Posted: 4/25/2018 1:08:12 PM