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ODTK 6.6.1 Available for Download

By: Tom Johnson

ODTK 6.6.1 is a maintence release that contains the following features:

Tracking Data Readers. The CCSDS Tracking Data Message (TDM) reader was updated to include:

  • Support for reading in the meteorological data.
  • An AGI specific keyword TWO_WAY_REPRESENTATION to indicate whether the range and Doppler values are ONEWAY or TWOWAY. 
  • Model instantaneous Doppler as a true instantaneous Doppler rather than integrated Doppler.

Attitude. The apparent Sun direction was added to the list of directions that can be used in the definition of aligned and constrained satellite attitude profiles.

Force Models. The capability to use an N Plate solar radiation pressure model was added. Plate definitions are supplied using a file interface that also exposes acceleration scaling parameters, which can be estimated.  

Improved Installed Help. We updated the look and feel of the help installed with ODTK. It also comes with a new search capability that is a dramatic improvement over the old one, so check it out!

To learn more, see:

Become ODTK Certified!

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To learn more about the ODTK Certification program, see One small step for the Kalman filter, one giant leap for orbit determination.

Posted: 4/15/2019 6:23:46 PM