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Make your virtual battlefield more realistic with SimMetrics

By: sclaypoole
Live military simulations are expensive. With tightening budgets comes the need for virtual environments that account for mission-critical elements such as sensors and GPS receivers. AGI is partnering with VT MÄK, a leader in distributed simulations, to create SimMetrics, an online analysis tool for developers and end users of military simulations and virtual training environments. SimMetrics provides critical analytics in four areas:
  • Navigation accuracy: models GPS receivers on any simulated entity and provides predicted nav accuracy information.
  • Sensor cameras and access: models sensor cameras to evaluate what it can see considering various constraints, and to determine what assets are covering which targets in real time.
  • Blue force tracking: provides tracking information for any GPS device on any existing entity, factoring in errors from terrain, Earth position and time of day.
Learn more at and by downloading the AGI webinar "Bring Real-Time Navigation and Sensor Analyses to Your Simulations," and then stay tuned for this upcoming release!
Posted: 8/1/2011 7:27:51 PM