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New LinkedIn Group for STK Certified Rocket Scientists

By: jpoley
Why should you become an STK certified Rocket Scientist? Well, legally we’re not allowed to make false claims about all the wonderful things it will do for you so we’ll just say that it may or may not do some/all/none of the following: -bolster your resume -increase your collection of sweet polo shirts by one -increase your intelligence -increase your clout with colleagues -give you x-ray vision -make you immune to bullets and lions -make food taste better Already certified? Show off to the world by joining our new LinkedIn STK Certified group. Get certified in the industry's leading system analysis tool. The self-study STK Certification program was developed to provide a method to recognize individuals with considerable knowledge of STK and the ability to provide support for the software. Certification is free to teachers and students currently enrolled in a qualified collegiate curriculum using STK. The cost for professionals is $495.
Posted: 8/16/2011 6:21:15 PM