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New STK plugins with STK 10.0.2

By: tsmith
With STK 10.0.2, we are also releasing a pretty cool STK Plugins disk. There are two STK UIPlugins on the disk: (1) ArcGIS REST Plugin and (2) WMS Plugin. You can get them here. The ArcGIS REST plugin enables STK users to drape any basemap or any user-defined ArcGIS Server REST map service onto the STK Globe. The WMS Plugin does the same thing, except through the WMS specification. These plugins are free, do not require any third-party software and will work with any STK 10.x version. One thing to note is that these map overlays are coming in as raster, so they cannot be promoted as STK heavy objects. To do that, take a  look at the ArcGIS and KML tabs in the STK Globe Manager. Since almost all served geospatial data is represented in these two formats, the sky is really the limit on potential implementations. Browse, search Google or talk to your local GIS admin to help you find useful geospatial products to import into STK.
Posted: 8/14/2013 3:53:29 PM