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The Space Environment can ruin your day, eat your leftover chocolate cake…

By: Andy W
Scientists recently revealed that we just missed a solar superstorm back in 2012, and Nicholas Cage eventually knew that the earth would be destroyed by solar flares back in 2009. As satellites get smaller, cheaper and used for more things, the effects of flying through the space environment can become more problematic. Single event upsets, latchups, restarts, surface charging, deep diaelectric charging, geomagnetic disturbances, increased drag, and particle hits on CCDs all make life interesting for satellite operators. How can you model this environment so that your mission has the best chance of success? The STK Space Environment and Effects Tool (STK SEET) is an add-on module to AGI’s Systems Tool Kit that allows you to:
  • look at South Atlantic Anomaly crossing times
  • examine trapped electron and proton levels
  • calculate total dose values
  • assess the effects of galactic cosmic rays and solar energetic protons on your current or future missions
To learn more about STK SEET watch my latest DIY, Modeling the Space Environment and its Effects Using STK SEET 10.1.1.
Posted: 8/28/2014 6:01:47 PM