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Additional STK 11.1 Analytical Products Released!

By: Jeff Baxter

STK Scheduler and STK Analyzer are now supported on STK 11.1, enabling these products to take advantage of the STK 11.1 features.

STK Analyzer

Using Analyzer, you can perform "what if" analysis, collect data, and optimize STK scenarios built or saved with STK 11.1. In addition, STK Analyzer has a new capability that gives you the ability to control the Computation Time interval of time varying output variables. This enables you to focus your analysis on specific times of interest and use STK Time Components.

For more information, see the STK Analyzer help and product page.

STK Scheduler

Using Scheduler, you can easily import STK objects, access calculations, and event reports from an STK 11.1 scenario to define task scheduling windows and resource availability times. You can also analyze the results through a variety of GUI displays and reports.

For more information, see the STK Scheduler help and product page.

Extending STK's Capabilities through Business Partnerships

STK Scheduler, which provides a powerful scheduling and planning application to mission designers and operations engineers, is offered through AGI’s partnership with Orbit Logic Inc.

STK Analyzer, which uses technology from Phoenix’s Model Center product, was developed for AGI by Phoenix Integration, Inc.

Posted: 8/31/2016 5:50:08 AM