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What is 'START' Training?

By: Craig Wooters

You have seen our Start Training online right? It is our online training we designed to be a quick start guide to our products and get the student’s feet wet with our software. It is the same material we teach in class and on our Virtual Trainings. We also have videos created by our instructors for those users who need more in-depth instruction.

We encourage our students to use their own data and own ideas to enhance the training and get the most out of it. For instance, the steps below can be accomplished by playing with the software and adding your own values.

But if you are stuck and can’t find a certain panel or maybe you just don’t understand what we mean, you can click on the link and expand it for more steps that should help you accomplish the task.

I could continue to talk about our Start Training, but it is soooo much better if you experience it for yourself. Go to and get started today!

Posted: 8/22/2016 8:29:59 AM