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By: Melissa Honaker

Over the years one of AGI’s vehicles for updating our users and followers with the latest happenings at AGI has been our InView Newsletter. The InView is distributed to over 55,000 professionals globally, highlighting user success stories, new software offerings, and AGI’s corporate initiatives. As the August 2017 issue hits the stands, I’ve archived all of the InView issues for your perusal: Take a ride in the way-back machine to see some of the ways our company has evolved and recap some fun AGI stories since 1992.

One cool story I can share is that my personal success and a lot of experiences I was fortunate enough to have, partially spurred from the October 2006 InView. I was taking an "Intro to Aerospace" class during my Junior year of high school and my teacher, John Mann, had recently been introduced to AGI software at the Space Symposium. He approached me with the opportunity to conduct an independent study the following semester and handed me an STK 7 disc saying “this is worth $100,000”. I started learning how to use STK and created an orbital mechanics lesson plan for his future classes who would gain access to STK via AGI’s Educational Alliance Program. A second part of the independent study consisted of going to local middle schools and hosting assembly-style seminars where I taught them some “space basics” using STK as my main presentation platform. They even made me present to the School District Board where I used STK Viewer since I couldn’t lug my EDU STK-licensed desktop computer around (and that was back in the day when most high school kids didn’t have laptops!).

Tina Cox, who was working for AGI at the time, linked me up with the Challenger Learning Center to do a high school internship the following summer. My first day on the job, they asked me to be the instructor of the STK class they were hosting the next day. I was able to reuse a lot of the material from my independent study and the training was a success. When AGI got word of this, they asked to feature me in their InView.

Back to the October 2006 InView – At the point when this article had been published, AGI decided to sponsor my Aerospace Engineering degree at CU Boulder in exchange for interning with them part-time in the school year, and full-time in the summers. Wow, what an incredible blessing! It had been one week since I had received the good news when I got a note in physics class asking me to go to the front office. Barbara Streiffert from Jet Propulsion Laboratory had CALLED MY HIGH SCHOOL to offer me an internship the following summer. Can you imagine my excitement? NASA! My dream! AGI thought this was a brilliant chance to embed a resource at JPL, while also increasing my product and industry knowledge. My JPL work included using STK to perform trade studies on moon landing locations for their Constellation Program. This year I’m celebrating 10 (fun and rewarding) years of working for AGI and that’s the story of my education and career launch!

Now you know why the InViews hold a special place in my heart. Do you have a story to share in our next issue? Submit it to

Posted: 8/30/2017 12:47:47 PM