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New STK and Analyzer Releases Contain Important Updates

By: Washington Wedderburn

Microsoft is Discontinuing Geocode Web Service used by STK

Microsoft is discontinuing one of its Geocode web services on or before August 1, 2017. The Search toolbar and Insert Place by Address… tool in previous STK versions depend on this service to retrieve locations. These tools will no longer return locations once the Geocode web service is discontinued. We recommend you upgrade to STK 11.2.1 to ensure there are no interruptions in your ability to take advantage of these tools.

Important Analyzer 11.2.1 Updates

  • Analyzer can now run with just STK (Free) and an Analyzer license. With previous releases, it also required a SatPro or an Astrogator license to run.
  • The Model Center Plugin was upgraded to work with Model Center 12.

Complete List of STK 11.2.1 Updates

For a complete list of features and corrected issues in the STK 11.2.1 release, click the links below.

New features
Corrected issues
Posted: 8/3/2017 12:56:02 PM