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The Power Behind Automating Custom STK-Based Analytics

By: Evan Lortie

The STK/Scalability Extension is one of AGI’s newer product offerings designed to parallelize STK related activities.  The typical usage of this capability is to distribute intensive desktop STK computations across multiple cores to increase your computation speed.  This distribution of effort can be across the desktops local cores or across a network via the Scalability Extension coordinator.   The ability to distribute out-of-the box and custom STK based analysis via STK/Scalability Extension provides some interesting enterprise level capability when coupled a little bit of custom code and automated tasking via windows scheduled tasks.

STK’s development API allows you to create encapsulated STK-based workflows to do everything from running MBSE permutations, automating daily overflight analysis, or generating data outputs from STK for use in other tool suites.  With the development API, these workflows can be built into self-contained entities which, in turn, can be submitted on a set schedule using available windows task scheduling or, if desired, on demand through custom developed GUIs.

Once the tasks are submitted to the STK Scalability coordinator, the end-to-end workflow control provided via the APIs allows you to customize the execution and outputs of your processes:

  • For use in other tools suites such as ArcGIS or Tableau
  • For consumption by users in text or natural language tools like Quill
  • Into web based graphics tools like Cesium
  • To be stored in a data repository  

The ability to encapsulate desired STK capability into a custom workflows, when combined with automated scheduling and tasking via available Windows capability, creates a powerful, automated, architecture allowing for custom STK based analytics to be performed, distributed, and consumed without user intervention.  With the flexibility to tailor your analysis use cases, workflow timing, and output formats, you have ultimate control over your STK based analysis needs to provide results and information to multiple types of consumers.

More information on the STK/Scalability extension can be found here:

Posted: 8/28/2017 3:24:36 PM