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ProLogic brings visually fused situational awareness services to USSTRATCOM

By: sclaypoole
Much of the focus of last month’s U.S. Strategic Command Space Symposium was the critical need to deliver situational awareness to the warfighter for fast, actionable decision-making. ProLogic, using AGI technology, has developed such a system: Global Awareness Presentation Services (GAPS). GAPS brings visually fused situational awareness services for NIPRNET, SIPRNET and JWICS network-centric operations for the U.S. Air Forces Electronic Systems Center (ESC) 653rd ELSW, USSTRATCOM and the 8th Air Force. GAPS relies on AGI software to provide users across USSTRATCOM networks access to a variety of data sources, including weather, intelligence, satellites, geo-events, C2 assets, routes, ISR assets, air plans and tracks. The GAPS Author is based on STK Engine (desktop author)  and AGI Components (thin client author) and allows users to create, visualize, augment, tailor and share (via free AGI Viewer software) a User-Defined Operational Picture (UDOP). Read more about how GAPS is facilitating rich collaboration in a net-centric enterprise at
Posted: 12/9/2010 6:36:17 PM