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AGI graphics and expertise populate new book about orbital debris threat

By: sclaypoole
Limiting Future Collision Risk to Spacecraft: An Assessment of NASA's Meteoroid and Orbital Debris Program is a new book from the National Research Council that examines NASA's efforts to understand the meteoroid and orbital debris environment, identifies what NASA is and is not doing to mitigate the risks posed by this threat and makes recommendations as to how they can improve their programs. Dr. T.S. Kelso, senior research astrodynamicist at AGI's Center for Space Standards & Innovation, was invited to participate in the study as an authority on collision analysis and risk assessment. Kelso operates CelesTrak, a satellite tracking website. The book features commentary and STK-generated graphics on recent debris-generating events such as the Iridium/Cosmos satellite collision and China's ASAT test. Download the free PDF now!
Posted: 12/19/2011 2:25:38 PM