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Track Santa with NORAD and AGI plus follow Starkey the Space Elf

By: sclaypoole

Santa fanatics, rejoice! There are only three weeks until Santa tracking with NORAD and AGI commences at! The NORAD Tracks Santa® website will once again follow Santa’s annual journey around the world delivering presents to believers of all ages. AGI is providing 2D and 3D Santa trackers which analyze and visualize data they receive on December 24 from fighter jets, satellites, radars and Santa Cams located across the globe.

The 3D tracker is built on Cesium, an open-source 3D virtual globe founded by AGI. Cesium lets you zoom and pan along Santa’s journey, watch special videos captured by NORAD’s Santa Cams and click on map icons to learn more about some of the locations Santa visits during his trek. The 2D tracker, built with Bing® Maps, has the same information-gathering features as the 3D tracker, and is the alternate option for systems that do not support 3D. Watch our teaser trailer to get in the mood and see what’s in store! Can’t wait until Dec. 24? Start the fun early with a new app created by AGI: Starkey the Space Elf! Starkey travels through space to make sure children are staying on Santa’s nice list. Visit to download free STK and interact with Starkey as he journeys around the globe! Happy holidays!
Posted: 12/3/2013 2:04:33 PM