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The STK training experience conundrum

By: Greg D
After talking to hundreds of professional individuals about their feedback of our STK (Systems Tool Kit) training class material and instructor  experience, it became evident to me that what they came away with was more than your typical training class. It is more of a training “experience”. It is a bit of a conundrum since typical software training classes are offered for those needed to learn a tool for an upcoming project and need.  Or maybe to get a quick “brush up” on certain skills and/or functions of a tool.  Although that can still apply here, STK training is much more than that and it’s getting the word out for people to try it that is the challenge. Thus, the reason I am writing to you. You see, AGI has designed the STK training curriculum in combination of both the teachings of fundamentals and advanced concepts and then incorporated real world problem examples and solutions that can be applied by the student for their daily work the very next day! From modeling dynamic vehicle positions and orientations to learning how to detect a rogue aircraft in route from point A to point B, as an example.  Or learning how to utilize line of sight calculations…. to analyzing the quality of your link budgets. How about whether radar can detect a cruise missile attack?  The breadth of topics is endless and so is the power of STK. Because the enhancements within STK happen at warp speed, our challenge is getting the game-changing and proven capabilities out into the entire world. Thus, we’ve made the STK training classes more than just repeating mundane classroom exercises but have made it into a real world test lab of sort for solving real issues and problems. We want individuals coming out of the training knowing the art of what’s possible with STK. But don’t just take my word for it….check out the following quotes from professionals and students that have gone through the STK training experience: -“The STK Training was exceptionally useful in providing a guided experience.  On my own options become somewhat overwhelming.”  Sven J -  Imprimis, Inc. - “This training session has been the most instructive and beneficial for me…..Your content and scope have really become high quality.”  Jeff B -  Ball Aerospace -“I want to express my gratitude for the STK Training here in Huntsville, Great job! We look forward to exploring the full potential of the model during our upcoming studies.” Scott S -   SAIC These are just a small sample of all of the great feedback we have received and I haven’t even mentioned the incredible feedback of our training instructors!  We have and will continue to take the feedback from you and improve upon the topics and training material presented.  Best of all, we provide the training at any of our AGI corporate offices free of charge. Whether its Onsite classes, How-to online demos and videos, Instructor-led live classes or On-demand classes, we have the right fit for you. If you truly want a learning experience, why don’t you sign up and give an STK Training class a try?  You will find the experience worth it. You can join on on Thursday, December 11, Virtual STK Fundatmentals training beginning at 12:00 p.m. ET. More information on all of our training offerings can be found at You can also test your skill and knowledge and get STK Certified and join the growing community, check it out here:
Posted: 12/8/2014 8:05:51 PM