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Report North-Up-East (NUE) Data in Reference to Aircraft’s Starting Point

By: Karynna Tuan

One of our most popular add-on modules is Analysis Workbench, which allows you to create custom geometric, temporal, and logical operations in STK to extend your simulations and analyses.

One of the tools included in Analysis Workbench is the Vector Geometry Tool (VGT), where you can build custom geometric vectors, angles, points, planes, axes, and coordinate systems through STK’s user interface. These user-made geometry objects can then be used for further analysis, for example, as access constraints or references frames, and in reports and graphs.

I have utilized VGT to show how to create a north-up-east (NUE) reference frame attached to an aircraft and then report the aircraft’s coordinate data in reference to the aircraft’s starting point. As seen in the image, the x-axis is pointing north, the y-axis points up aligned with zenith, and the z-axis points east making up my NUE reference frame.

To reference the aircraft’s starting point, it needs to be defined through Analysis Workbench. Once the point is created, a report of the aircraft’s route can be generated based off of this custom point and NUE reference frame that I created. Complete steps on how I set this up in Analysis Workbench can be found in this FAQ: Output NUE Coordinate Data in Reference to Aircraft Starting Point.

Posted: 12/21/2016 10:54:56 AM