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Designing a UAV

By: Tal Bass

The 2019 AIAA Student Design Build Fly competition is well underway and this year students are tasked with designing a multi-purpose aircraft for supporting aircraft carrier operations. To succeed, teams are responsible for optimizing the configuration of their aircraft to achieve a desired performance. This requires varying various aerodynamic characteristics, such as the wingspan, aspect ratio, surface area, etc.

Fortunately, this could be done using STK Aviator! Aviator allows users to model the physical characteristics of an aircraft and evaluate the performance of a defined mission. Users can build up a flight mission from takeoff to landing and report the fuel used, average speed, etc. Aviator even includes wind models to allow users to test performance at various wind conditions.

To this end, AGI offers a UAV Design Tutorial that walks through varying an aircraft’s aspect ratio and wing surface area to maximize the flight range while maintaining a designated flight speed through a search mission. The tutorial, titled “UAV Design Lab”, is offered as part of AGI’s Educational Curricula.

Posted: 12/10/2018 8:00:00 AM