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Congrats to the U.S. Air Force Eagle Vision program

By: sclaypoole
The U.S. Air Force’s Eagle Vision program was honored with the 2010 William T. Pecora group award at a Pentagon ceremony yesterday. The Pecora Awards were established in 1974 and are presented by NASA and the Department of the Interior to individuals and groups who show outstanding contributions in the field of remote sensing. Like its name suggests, Eagle Vision provides an “eagle’s eye” view of the Earth from space. It utilizes five ground stations to retrieve this real-time satellite imagery from commercial Earth-observing satellites, and since 1995, has aided disaster relief and humanitarian efforts such as California wildfires and Hurricane Katrina. AGI software is used in Eagle Vision’s Data Acquisition Segment (DAS) developed by the European Aeronautic Defence Space Company (EADS). The DAS consists of an antenna and a shelter that collects and processes imagery into a standard format. STK’s integration into the DAS has created enhanced capabilities such as precise orbit propagation, accurate satellite instrument modeling and 3D display of the spacecraft pass in real time over the imaging area. Read the full story from AGI’s InView newsletter.
Posted: 2/16/2011 8:23:56 PM