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New ordered composite primitive

By: cozzi
We recently released AGI Components 2010 r11, which includes a new primitive: the ordered composite primitive. This is a container that holds other primitives, and guarantees a render order (aka z-order). The ordered composite primitive's most common use is to determine what is drawn on top of what when primitives on the globe overlap. For example, we might have a triangle mesh primitive for a state: Then we want to draw triangle mesh primitives for area codes on top of the state: Finally, we want to draw a polyline for a river over the area codes and state: This is done by putting the triangle mesh and polyline primitives into an ordered composite primitive in their desired bottom to top order: OrderedCompositePrimitive composite = new OrderedCompositePrimitive(); composite.Add(pennsylvania); composite.Add(areaCode610); composite.Add(areaCode215); composite.Add(schuylkillRiver); SceneManager.Primitives.Add(composite); For more information, check out the ordered composite's overview or reference help on ADN.
Posted: 2/17/2011 7:47:08 PM