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New online STK training and certification program

By: Jeff B
In conjunction with the recent STK 10.1 release, we have also launched a new, online training curriculum and an updated STK Certification Program that better aligns with it. The Certification Program has two levels based on proficiency: 1. STK Certified 2. STK Master Certified STK Certified is a brand new, entry-level Certification that is hands-on and focused on testing fundamental STK skills. This scenario development-style exam tests the latest functionality of STK 10. STK Master Certification validates your ability to perform more advanced STK modeling and analysis through the use of our add-on modules (ProCoverageCommunicationsIntegrationAircraft Mission Modeler). If you pass the tests, you not only get bragging rights and a fancy certificate suitable for framing, but some good loot (polo shirt for Certified, coffee mug for Master Certified). Plus, if you refer a colleague to STK Certification and they pass the test, you both earn a $20 Amazon gift card! Win-win! So check out our new STK Start training, and then once you're feeling comfortable with the software, get STK Certified! It's great for career development and making your organization more productive.
Posted: 2/27/2014 8:40:27 PM