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STK 10.1 now available

By: RocketGirl
Didn't get everything you wanted for Valentine's Day? No good deals to be had on President's Day? Well, if a 3D globe for modeling, simulating and analyzing your system is what's lacking in your life, we have good news! STK 10.1 is now available for download! STK 10.1 includes more than 100 new features, including a re-architecture of STK Radar, enhancements to the already powerful Analysis Workbench plus usability improvements (such as "favorites" or "recently used" lists for reports/graphs) and graphics updates that include a new water surface. STK 10.1 Radar updates bring a more intuitive user interface and greater functionality to model and analyze radar systems. Radar is now integrated into the Component Manager, which allows you to pre-configure radar systems and access shared antenna and RF propagation libraries from STK Communications. Radar also now allows for cluttering modeling for a more accurate representation of a radar system. Finally there are three new plugin points for Clutter Map, Clutter Geometry and Radar Cross Section. You can learn more about all the enhancements included in STK 10.1 at or by signing up for our Radar DIY Series at: The updates to Analysis Workbench include the ability to add your own custom calculations via the Custom Script Calculation Component. Time Components can be used in more places to define time intervals (including sensor pointing and model articulations). Finally there are several new components including Fixed Times Time Array Component, Fixed on Central Body VGT Point Component for creating generic LLA points and file type for VGT vector. Learn more about the updates in STK 10.1 for Analysis Workbench at As for the usability updates, you can now point to the online STK Help to get the most up-to-date documentation. You no longer need to have administrative rights to install UI plugins. Data for more than 50 aircraft has been added to the Standard Object Database. You can also now right-click on graphs to create Analysis Workbench Time Components. Finally we've made some updates to the graphics/visualizations in STK. There is a new water surface that provides realistic ocean surface visualization. The camera inertia update adds faster mouse movements so you can quickly rotate, pan, or zoom to a location before using more precise mouse input. Now these are just a few of the amazing enhancements you'll find in STK 10.1, so hurry and download STK 10.1 at
Posted: 2/19/2014 8:43:53 PM