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Global Space & Technology Convention 2015

By: Melissa Honaker
Happy Chinese New Year from Singapore! I know you’re eager for the holiday to start, but why not stopover in Singapore on your way to your vacation destination to see us at GSTC 2015? Matt Halferty, AGI’s Asia-Pacific Director will be on the “The Right Technology for the Right Market, Addressing the Right Challenges” panel discussing how AGI’s industry standard software can be used to skip ahead in the development cycle and concentrate on mission specific efforts. Resources and time saved through the use of standard tools can be applied to increase innovation and mitigate risk. Our Asia-Pacific Senior Systems Engineer, Dan Honaker will be presenting in the Satellite Application and Services technical session introducing three solutions built on AGI’s technology: the Space Data Center (SDC), Commercial Space Operations Center (ComSpOC®) and Conjunction Handling, Assessment and Risk Management Application (CHARISMA). Dan will show how commercial software from AGI improves satellite operators’ understanding of space, ensures safety of assets, and improves mission performance. Our Singapore partner, TME Systems, Libish Balachandran, our Systems Engineer based in India, Alex Ridgeway and I (Singapore –based Systems Engineers) will also be at the booth for this event. We hope to see you there! Check out the GSTC 2015 Conference Agenda for exact times and location. GSTC
Posted: 2/4/2015 2:04:46 PM