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What to Expect When You' an AGI Classroom

By: Rich De Young
I’ve been teaching various STK courses since 2008, both online (virtual) and classroom. This training is easy to find and sign up for on the AGI Website. We provide various virtual training classes such as Level 1 – Beginner (L1), Level 2 – Advanced (L2), and Level 3 – Focused broken up into Feature Specific and Problem Specific. All of this training is free and can be done on your own time or by signing up for and attending the training when available. I would like to talk about our “bread and butter” training class; the L1 & L2: Comprehensive class which combines Level 1 – Beginner and Level 2 – Advanced training in one of our AGI classrooms located at: The L1 & L2: Comprehensive class lasts for three days, normally Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, although this can fluctuate. I’m often asked, “Why should I attend training in the classroom instead of dialing in for virtual training or working my way through the tutorials provided in the STK install or the AGI Website?” The truth is all of it is great training. Take the training that works for you and your schedule. The difference with the classroom training, is that you get an instructor who knows STK and can take the time to answer your questions. The training is done at a much slower pace than the time constraints imposed during virtual training. A good example is our online Level 1 – Beginner training, which is compressed into a three hour session. The same training in the classroom runs anywhere from six to seven hours. Why? The instructor can use more time to explain concepts of STK in greater detail and personalize the training based on the makeup of the class. If everyone in the class works with satellites, a more satellite focused training can take place. If there’s a mix of satellite, communications, and aircraft people in the class, the training gets spread out in these areas. Everything in our L1 and L2 training will be covered, just in different detail. Get the picture? Due to the nature of the training, classes are composed of a smorgasbord of people from various disciplines such as military personnel, aerospace engineers, software engineers, orbital analysts, folks with no degrees up to a doctorate, small companies, large companies, etc. It’s a great way to meet new people and network. In my classroom, I provide ten minute breaks each hour and a thirty minute lunch break. The icing on the cake is that AGI provides breakfast and lunch each day. When time permits, which is usually every class, you can take advantage of our computers to complete the Level 1 – STK Certified examination on the last day of training. Many people sign up for and start the training on day two and work on it during classroom and lunch breaks, finishing up on day three. Some people simply wait until training is complete on day three. Based on my personal experience, the majority of the trainees in my class finish the test in two to three hours. Why take the examination during training? The information is fresh in your mind, and you blocked out that time for training anyway. Take advantage of it!
Posted: 2/27/2017 4:41:00 PM