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STK Releases: Encore!

By: Washington Wedderburn

STK Test & Evaluation Toolkit 1.7

STK Test & Evaluation Toolkit has a new release available for download. T&E 1.7 delivers more tools for evaluating data generated by executed test plans, including:

  • Dramatic improvement in graphing performance
  • New Animated "Strip-Chart" Graph Modes
  • New Timeline graph, which stacks straight lines colored by metric
  • Modified Data Importer flexibility by adding the Time System type field to set the time system (UTC, GPS, TAI, Local-offset)
  • Improved Tracks Workflow
  • New Connect commands for Modify Graphs, Direct Metric MOPS, and Data Import of STK Access Data Providers. 
For more information about the release, refer to our What's New page. 

To learn more about TETK, read the Test & Evaluation Tool Kit spec sheet or watch the Introduction to TETK webinar

TETK 1.7 requires STK 11.7.1. Please download STK 11.7.1 to upgrade to TETK 1.7.

STK Analyzer 11.7.1

Analyzer 11.7.1 has been released and can be used with STK 11.7.1!  Analyzer 11.7.1 consists of code improvements to help streamline how our customers interact with the tool.

Download Analyzer 11.7.1 from for use with STK 11.7.1 today!

To learn more about Analyzer, see the Analyzer spec sheet and Analyzer release notes.

Posted: 2/24/2020 4:38:05 PM