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That’s a wrap for STK 11

By: Washington Wedderburn

The recent release of STK 11.7.1 marks the end of planned releases in the STK 11 series. Of course it’s not the end of our support for that series, which will continue for quite a long time to come. Read about the new features and corrected technical issues to get acquainted with STK 11.7.1, and download the desktop application to get started.

But, we’re calling it a wrap on STK 11 because we’re excited to give you the teaser trailer for its sequel – STK 12.

This will be the first time that AGI has rolled the version number by an integer since 2015. Over that period we’ve added more than 700 new features and enhancements, many at the request of users like you. Our top developers are working hard on STK 12 features in the following areas: hypersonics, Astrogator, Communications and Radar, Access, EOIR, Analyzer, and more. It’s too soon to get into specifics, but many of these features will help you move closer toward a total digital mission engineering environment. And as with any of our major releases, you’ll be able to run STK 12 side-by-side with an earlier version of STK.

For more information about the STK 12 release, contact your AGI sales representative.

Posted: 2/7/2020 8:03:39 PM