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AGI software: sexy AND smart

By: jpoley
When you have the looks, everyone just assumes you don't have the brains. Speaking from experience, it isn't easy being pretty AND smart. Now before you throw your shenanigans flag on me, realize that I'm talking about our software. Since 1989 we've been making very smart software that often only gets attention for its looks. It is true that our visualization is neat. In the early years, there weren't many other things that looked like that. Our graphics always impressed people so much that some of them stopped listening when we talked about all the other smart stuff it does. For many of them, seeing their situation and data in 3D was enough to blow their minds. Nowadays everyone just expects to see their data in a 3D environment. And they should. There are many virtual globes that were created for this purpose. You can see a good list of them from Wikipedia here. When looking at the list, notice that our flagship product STK is not on the list (as of when I wrote this article). And it shouldn't be. Our software is often mistaken as a virtual globe but it is more accurate to say we have a virtual globe in our software. The confusion is easy to understand. Spinning 3D globes that give us a quick, intuitive understanding of a situation pretty much blend together like geeks at a Star Wars convention (speaking from experience again). But unlike many other globes, we create the content that goes on ours. We can also make the content that goes on the other globes. Say that again? Yes, more simply, we are virtual globe agnostic. Our globe is very good at displaying the type of data that we make: intervisibilities, space conjunctions, propagated orbits, ground coverages, aircraft routes and much more. But you don't need our globe to use our software. Many people have situations where they prefer a different visualization setup. No biggie. You can pick the virtual globe that best suits you and still use our analytics in all their glory. If you would like to see an example of our data in another visualization environment, check out Real-time satellites in Google Earth. For more on our analytical capabilities, go here. If you are looking to build your own virtual globe, you can develop for free with our components. Our Insight 3D product is a software development kit that allows you to build a virtual globe similar to the one in our software. It turns out that our company was aptly named Analytical Graphics after all. We have analytics and we have graphics. But don't forget that they can be decoupled.
Posted: 1/19/2011 9:10:35 PM