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Free webinar: Electro-optical infrared sensor modeling in STK

By: jwelsh
If you are a sensor engineer or general systems engineer doing missile defense, space situational awareness or Earth science in STK, we have a webinar for you. On Thursday, January 20 at 1:30 p.m. ET, we’re giving a sneak peak at an analysis module about to hit the market—STK/EOIR. STK/EOIR models detection, tracking and imaging performance of electro-optical and infrared sensors in the context of the entire mission. One of the design goals of this module was to help our users perform quality analysis without spending a lot of time setting up the model, itself. A seasoned sensor engineer can use software like this to screen for the best models to study further in a more complex, standalone tool. Likewise, it’s an easy way for general systems engineers to make rapid trades when they are considering the broader aspects of the mission architecture and how they all play together. That’s because STK models the entire mission holistically. In the case of sensors, STK/EOIR lets you  model sensor performance as well as how the sensor interacts with the platform, communications architecture and other elements of the mission architecture that impact performance. If this sounds interesting, sign up today for this free, 30-minute webinar. See you tomorrow!
Posted: 1/19/2011 9:08:35 PM