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Free webinar: Upcoming graphics enhancements in STK

By: reicher
In preparation for our upcoming webinar on STK Display Enhancements this Thursday at 1:30 ET, I wanted to introduce some of the topics our presenter Jimmy Tucholski will cover.  Jimmy is one of AGI’s lead developers and has been at AGI for, well, forever.  In Thursday’s webinar Jimmy will discuss and demonstrate upcoming features in STK 10 that will improve the quality of displays as well as simplify the workflow for interacting with STK graphics. To start off, we’ve completely rebuilt the 2D display using our OpenGL-based Insight3D rendering engine. For those of you unfamiliar with OpenGL, it’s the leading API for creating high-quality graphics. Taking advantage of the powerful visualization architecture provided by Insight3D, STK’s 2D window is far more flexible than before and includes streaming imagery from Bing Maps, real translucency and more! In addition to the improved rendering, we’ve also added new controls to make navigation in the 2D map more intuitive; now you can zoom with the mouse scroll wheel and pan with click-and-drag.  On the 3D side of things, you can look forward to seeing more realistic rendering, since STK now uses per-pixel lighting and COLLADA FX models.  Compared to previous versions, STK 10 will have much smoother lighting, leading to better-looking globes, terrain and models. Along the same lines, support for COLLADA FX enables the flexibility to create more lifelike shading and material effects on any model. Other enhancements in STK 10 make it easier to build and control your scenario. New user interface controls added to the STK Object Browser let you toggle object displays on and off as well as change an object’s color without ever launching a properties panel.  And if you’re an STK/Coverage user, graphics workflows have been changed to make it easier to toggle static and dynamic graphics as well as satisfaction and contours. With the graphics changes made to the 2D display, Figure Of Merit rendering performance has drastically improved, allowing smooth or block contours to display on the surface of the globe or at altitude, and animate with significantly higher frame rates. This is just a sampling of what we will cover on Thursday. So, sign up for the Webinar today!
Posted: 1/25/2012 3:11:48 PM