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Space Foundation Adds Certified Educational Product Partner to STK’s Credentials

By: jwelsh
The Space Foundation, perhaps best known to the general public for certifying space products that improve life on Earth, has selected AGI’s STK software as its newest Certified Educational Product partner. The Foundation had already named STK a Certified Space Technology. The Space Foundation selects certified educational products based on their ability to stimulate interest and knowledge in space in educational environments. The Space Foundation saw STK at work in its Space Foundation Discovery Institute (SFDI) in Colorado Springs, CO. In 2010, AGI donated software, licensing and hardware valued at more than $3 million to establish the AGI Space Missions simulator at SFDI. Through it, students and teachers learn about satellite orbits, design their own satellite orbits, track their satellites and help plan a simulated return mission from Mars. According to the Space Foundation, the lab plays an important role in their educational programs, which focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Other educators interested in STK should check out our Educational Alliance Program, which provides eligible academic institutions free licensing and certification of STK for instructional purposes.  To learn more about the Space Foundation, a leading advocate for the space industry, go to
Posted: 1/13/2012 9:08:26 PM