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Throwback Thursday: China ASAT test post-event analysis

By: Stef C
On 2007 January 11, the People’s Republic of China conducted a successful direct-ascent anti-satellite (ASAT) test against one of their own defunct polar-orbiting weather satellites. The test produced at least 2,087 pieces of debris large enough to be routinely tracked by the US Space Surveillance Network and the NASA Orbital Debris Program Office estimated it generated over 35,000 pieces of debris down to 1 centimeter in size. In order to help the public and key policy makers more fully understand the nature of the event and its impact on the existing satellite population, AGI's Center for Space Standards & Innovation (CSSI) developed a series of animations, images and graphical analyses. Read Dr. T.S. Kelso's full analysis of the event here. CSSI and AGI subject matter experts routinely work with industry, government and the media to help convey space events to the masses. You can view our most recent resources here.
Posted: 1/30/2014 7:31:48 PM