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We've gone silver! AGI celebrates 25 years

By: Paul G

Today marks the beginning of AGI’s 25th year delivering commercial off-the-shelf software to the aerospace, defense and intelligence communities. Together with my then GE colleagues Scott Reynolds and Jim Poland, we founded AGI in 1989 with the mission to enter a disruptive technology into the marketplace that would make it orders of magnitude more productive and efficient. At the time, our process to analyze ground control systems at GE was ridiculously labor intensive—running 86 test cases for each system, which produced computer prints outs three-feet high with millions of numbers that we had to go through by hand. We thought there was a better way. We set out to build the better way. 25 years later, we’ve got tens of thousands of STK users across the world in leading space, defense and intel organizations who agree with us. First off, I’d like to thank them, especially the early adopters who took a chance with us and can now do things with our software that truly blows our minds.

Our first president, retired US Army Colonel Hugh Trumbull, used to say ‘everything takes π times longer than you think.’ Boy was he on the money. While we’ve grown tremendously over the past 25 years, we are constantly scratching our heads at the number of organizations that could be benefiting from our technology, but aren’t. When we look at things from the market’s prospective, we only help a tiny fraction of the industry with just a tiny fraction of what they need to do. We could help so much more. We are talking about billions of dollars and lives on the line. But things are starting to turn around. We’ve been adapting our technology and our business model so that you can get our capabilities in the form you need them out of the box, and that same flexibility has also provided us the ability to customize solutions for you as well. Some recent awards associated with large programs—JMS, F-35 and C2BMC to name a few—show that the U.S. government is embracing the ‘do more without more’ mandate by leveraging commercial technology, and we are standing at the ready to support whomever else wants to get on board. There is so much more to say, but thankfully, we have a full year to say it. And that’s what we plan to do. Throughout 2014, you’ll be hearing more from me and many of my colleagues about our latest software initiatives; our engineers and longtime users will share their best STK tips and tricks; there will be contests to participate in; events to attend; and funny stories and videos from our team. Speaking of our team, AGI would not be what it is without the bright and talented individuals who work unbelievably hard to deliver a fantastic product and customer experience. Internally, we call it “big shrimp”—we don’t settle for good enough in anything we do, be it our products, our people or our events. And you’ll see the “big shrimp” on steroids in 2014. Thanks for your enduring support of our mission. Cheers! Here are some fun pictures from today's party, and check out our Facebook page for even more!


Posted: 1/17/2014 8:50:49 PM