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AGI's Asia-Pacific team demonstrates STK 10 at ISR Asia 2013

By: sclaypoole
Last week, the inaugural ISR Asia event was held from 1-4 July in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event, sponsored by the Malaysian government along with AGI and other commercial ISR providers, included training workshops, two days of conference and exhibition and an exclusive site-visit to the Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA). Attendees included  heads of regional defence and civil organisations, senior Malaysian, Asian and international military representatives and leading industry figures.

AGI attendees included Nate McBee, lead technical systems engineer, Matt Halferty, director of Asia-Pacific sales, and our new business partner manager, Jim Head. Within our booth in the exhibitor hall, we shared how our STK 10 software can support ISR efforts related to counter insurgency and counter terrorism; maritime surveillance; border control; military satellite communications and remote sensing; humanitarian and disaster relief; geospatial intelligence; UAS; interoperability challenges; and transforming information into intelligence.

Nate addressed attendees about how commercial software can aid in disaster management and response. His software demonstration showed how STK's ISR capabilities provide effective and timely satellite overflight predictions for commercial imaging satellites. Examples focused on the recent fires in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Posted: 7/10/2013 2:14:13 PM