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Turn Up the Volume(trics) to 11!

By: Craig Wooters

One of our lesser known, but equally powerful tools, is Volumetrics. Wait, Craig, you just made that word up, what is Volumetrics? I am glad you asked.

Volumetrics allows you to define custom 3D volumetric grids in any coordinate system and apply spatial calculations to that grid. Volumetrics combines the flexibility of the analysis workbench with the spatial analysis capabilities of coverage. Grids can be defined relative to Earth, or any STK object, even if that object is moving.

The new Volumetric object type allows you to manage these grids and spatial calculations and apply display settings to allow you to visualize your dynamic volumes of interest, including grid point settings, isosurface values, and translucency. Furthermore, you can import your own data for volumetric analysis and visualization.

Well that’s great, but how do I use it? You are really asking great questions, we have a wonderful training on how to take advantage of Volumetrics that even has a video walk through in case you get lost, stuck, or just want a trainer to virtually teach you volumetrics. In the training, you will model the volume of space covered by a spinning sensor subject to various geometric constraints.

Also, who doesn’t love pretty colorful pictures of objects in 3D? I have a few that I made in STK and printed them out on canvas and hung them in my foyer as instant conversation pieces. You can do the same!

Posted: 7/24/2017 10:56:11 AM